Belonging to the order Siphonoptera, the cat flea (Ctenocephalides Felis) is by far the most common flea encountered in the UK.

Reddish brown in colour and approximately 2mm long, cats and dogs are their preferred hosts although they will readily feed on human blood in the absence of pets.

The female will lay several hundred eggs in batches within the cat or dog’s fur, bedding and regular resting sites. The larvae that hatch are not blood suckers at this stage and they appear white, covered in bristles and will grow up to 5mm long before spinning a cocoon of silk in which to pupate.

The pupa will then be enveloped in dust and debris and lie in wait to be stimulated by the vibration of an approaching host, this can be for several months in an unoccupied property.



How best to treat and control Fleas?



This is why often people will move into a property previously inhabited by pets, and as they have stimulated the fleas they will encounter a high level of flea biting activity and yet they
own no pets of their own.

A thoroughly professional treatment by EXCEL Pest Management would consist of identifying the source of the infestation, advise that pets are treated by a suitable veterinary product, once the source of the infestation is established a residual spray treatment would be carried out.

Professional flea traps would then be deployed to ascertain the extent of success. A second application of an Insect Growth Regulator is highly advisable to ensure a successful outcome to your problem.


Occasionally office workers will call EXCEL Pest Management reporting that staff are being bitten by fleas and yet no insects have been sighted!

‘Cable Bugs’ is the name referring to static electricity. In the office environment where there are sources of static such as computer consoles and nylon carpets, fibreglass particles can jump at people like a splinter and cause realistic looking bite marks.

EXCEL Pest Management approach this phenomenon in a professional manner by monitoring for potential insects pests, and treat accordingly.

Should there be no sign of insects, an anti-static preparation can be used throughout the office to give a satisfactory solution and happy staff!

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Gary and Wendi at Excel Pest Management recently attended my ageing Auntie’s flat to investigate mice on the premises. Their response time and service was second to none and they went the ‘extra mile’ to ensure that my Auntie can now sleep peacefully at night without having to worry about vermin.
I would certainly recommend Excel Pest Control to get rid of your pests.

David Hodgkinson

Gary is a true professional, I have hired him on a good few occasions and cannot fault his work ethic, knowledge and passion.
He is trustworthy, consistent and reliable and I would recommend Gary and Excel pest management to all.

May  2013, Davie was Gary’s client

Davie Campbell, Project Manager at Conamar

Gary has an excellent professional approach to his work, from initial survey and quotation, through to delivering ‘what it says on the tin’ – always with a friendly yet committed customer focus.
Attaining accreditation within the first year probably says it all and it is a pleasure doing business with him
December  2013, Chris was Gary’s client

Chris Widdowfield, SWC Trade Frames Ltd

I had the pleasure of working alongside Gary over the last few months whilst undertaking the Level 2 Certificate in Pest Control from the Royal Society of Public Health. During this period I have witnessed his commitment and drive to develop his business. His experience in the business combined with his professionalism will ensure he succeeds and I would recommend him without hesitation.
May  2013, Ian worked directly with Gary at Excel Pest Management

Ian Sharpe

Gary is very professional with total commitment to taking care of his clients needs.
December 2013, Mark was Gary’s client

Mark Wilkinson, Drax Growers (Glinwell)

Friendly, cheap and speedy service. Came out the same day as I rang with no extra cost. Would truly recommend to anybody.

goodbye wasps

We had a problem with wasps nests which was resolved very quickly. Excellent service provided, punctual, reliable and thorough. If we have any further problems we now know who to contact.


We just moved into a property and realised the place was riddled in fleas. We called excel pest management and he reacted fast. He was with us within 24h of the phone call. He came in done the first spray which did the job then 2 weeks later done the second lot of spraying to be sure all eggs and fleas have gone. Really pleased with his service and would recommend to anyone with the same problem. Fantastic job done!!


After using various companies for mole control unsuccessfully, Excel Pest Control had the situation under control after one visit. A very responsive, knowledgeable and professional service who have proved invaluable in helping us keep our grounds looking good at our holiday cottages !


excellent service, speedy, friendly and efficient. Expert knowledge and puts your mind at ease. Would definately recommend to anyone who has pest issues